To get a complete overview of your applications, please go to My Applications. Here you will find all the submissions listed into one of the following categories based on the submission status:

Incomplete submissions

All submissions you have started will be stored here. 
  • If you wish to delete the drafted submission, please click on Discard Submission button provided at the bottom of the form. 
  • To proceed with this submission, please click Submit once you have filled the submission form. 
If you forget to fill any required information, you will be reminded. All the required fields in the application form are marked with a red asterisk (*).


This category includes all submissions approved for the award. By clicking on the submission you will be able to see the submission details in the right panel of the page.


Submitted applications list is the place where you can track all your applications currently under review.


The last category in My applications list is reserved for those submissions that are no longer under consideration.