If you wish to submit an application, first go to the Active Awards tool on your home page. The awards currently open for submission are listed here. The number you can see next to the award cycle name indicates how many days there are until submission deadline.

1. Click on the award cycle you selected > enter the requested information. 

2. If you need to pause the submission > click the Save & continue later button provided at the bottom of the page. The application you have begun will be in My Applications under Incomplete submissions

3. If you wish to delete this submission, please click on Discard Submission button provided at the bottom of the form. 

4. To proceed with this submission, please click Submit once you have filled the submission form. 

If you forget to fill any required information, you will be reminded. All the required fields in the application form are marked with a red asterisk (*). 

After you have successfully filled in your application, you will receive an email confirmation about your submission and the submitted application will be filed under Submitted in My Applications.